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Texans equipment director explains Nike uniform changes

Posted by Nick Scurfield on April 4, 2012 – 5:02 pm

Texans director of equipment services Jay Brunetti, the team’s head of equipment since 2002, goes in-depth with HoustonTexans.com about the new Nike uniforms unveiled on Tuesday — touching on the improvements made, feedback from players and the possibility of changes to the alternate color:

Everybody has seen the uniforms. Can you explain the differences between the Texans’ old and new ones?
“The major difference is in two components of it: The fabrics they’re using and the cutlines. It’s a more contoured-fitting uniform. The fans won’t notice a huge difference in it because we didn’t make any actual changes to it. We didn’t change our numbers. We didn’t change the number location. We didn’t change any striping. We didn’t change any color combinations. But the new fabrics and the new cutlines will make it, it will fit the players differently. The fabric has a lot more stretch to it, so therefore, it’s actually smaller jerseys and a little bit smaller pants but they have more cross-stretch or four-way stretch in ‘em so that they’ll be able to wear them much tighter but still have full range of motion, and the players feel that that’s a better-fitting uniform.”

You touched on it there, but what are the benefits of the new design and the different fit?
“The players don’t like extra fabric. They want something that’s tight-fitting yet not restrictive, so this fabric that they’ve developed allows that to be achieved by having a real tight jersey but it doesn’t restrict their range of motion. They don’t like baggy. They don’t like extra material that the opponent can grasp, or they just don’t like the look of it, either. They don’t like a baggy look. Then the specifics of the performance of the fabrics is they’re lighter in weight. They wick the perspiration. The fabric itself won’t take on as much weight in terms of perspiration, and when it does, the property of the fabric tries to rid itself or wick it through, draw it through, away from  the body and to the outer surface of the fabric, and then it’ll either fall off or evaporate there.”

Seems like the feedback from players has been pretty good…?
“Yeah, we had sample sets in here that were just all white that we had the players try during the season. We weren’t able to practice in them, but just putting ‘em on – we did have ‘em put ‘em on with their shoulder pads on; if they wore thigh pads and knee pads, awe put them in the pants for the guys – they were very excited about the way that they fit and the way that they felt.”

As someone who has been doing this for a long time, what do you think is the best thing about the new uniforms?
“Probably the two things I like most about ‘em are the stretch, the amount of stretch, because if you have a smaller jersey you can actually use less fabric and therefore surface area, and then also that’ll make it lighter. And then with the stretch of it, it achieves a real nice, contoured fit. And then the other aspect of it that I think is very important is the performance of the fabrics, and the fabrics being able to have that moisture management feature in there which will keep the uniform lighter throughout the course of a game because it just won’t be continuing to absorb all their sweat and get heavier and affect the stretch of the jersey and everything.”

Was there any thought to throwing in new colors or doing anything crazy like the Seahawks did?
“No. That was an actual uniform change that they made. If we wanted to change anything, even if it was something as simple as number location, moving our numbers from the sleeve up to the shoulder, that constitutes a uniform change and it would have to be submitted to the league. We’re not going to make a uniform change unless we make major changes. So there was really no serious discussion that I’m aware of that we were looking to change our uniform.”

Are there any plans for an alternate black jersey, or any other changes to the alternate Battle Red uniforms?
“For the 2012 season, no. I haven’t been given any information that will allow the teams to change their alternate color uniform from what we’re presently doing, so we can’t do anything. Our alternate color is not black; it’s red. Our two primary colors are obviously the Deep Steel Blue and the Liberty White. The red is an accent color. That accent color becomes your alternate color. We don’t have any black in our color scheme, so we can’t use black. Teams that are allowed to do that have some black, like, for example, the Arizona Cardinals. They’re cardinal, they’re white and then they have also black in their uniform, so they can do a black jersey and they can also do a black pant with that. We can’t do that, and at this time, I’m unaware of us planning to make a change to that or at least petitioning the league to do that in 2013. So I would say no, we’re not making any changes. Battle Red is our alternate color uniform and will be for the time being.“

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