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VanderBlog: Texans at the Pro Bowl

Posted by voiceofthetexans on January 27, 2013 – 6:42 pm

Your Texans sent nine players to the Pro Bowl, the most in franchise history and the most in the NFL this year. The AFC still lost 62-35 in an entertaining game despite the lopsided score.

One of the interesting nuggets for me was watching Peyton Manning throw passes to JJ Watt before the game. Watt enjoyed being considered for some offensive action and had a pass thrown his way that went incomplete.

Owen Daniels played a ton and had four catches. Andre Johnson had three. Arian Foster was held to -2 yards on three carries.

It was mix and match on the offensive line as Duane Brown and Joe Thomas had to take turns at right tackle. Wade Smith said he missed being able to play along side Brown.

Matt Schaub threw a touchdown pass to Joshua Cribbs and two picks, one off a deflection. JJ Watt had a sack on Russell Wilson in a preview of a match up we’ll see at Reliant Stadium when the Seahawks visit next season.

It was a day for your Texans to mix with the other top players in the NFL, wind down the season and clear the way for 2013. They all hope to get the invite to come back and they all hope they have to turn it down, to play in the Super Bowl in New York.


Below, there are some one liners that I blogged during the game…( in reverse order)


Luck finds AJ Green for a TD.  55-28 NFC.  All 3 AFC QBs have TD passes. Owen Daniels is playing a ton in this game. Only 2 TEs on each roster.


Wilson is getting a lot of  ‘ooos’ and ‘ahhhs’ in the press box. He just finds a way to make plays.  Btw, AFC fumbles the k.o. return. It feels like a late 80’s-early 90’s Super Bowl has broken out.  #blowout


Russell Wilson has thrown 3 TD passes (58-21 NFC) ….  to Doug Martin, Larry Fitzgerald, then, after the turnover, to Vincent Jackson. Schaub’s line: 12-22 113 yards, 1 TD, 2 int


AFC has pride on the line, plus the winners get $25K extra (25 for the losers). Schaub picked by Earl Thomas early 3rd. Russell Wilson to Doug Martin to make it 38-14. Then, Matt gets clicking with a scoring drive capped by a four yard TD pass to Josh Cribbs. Schaub had an 11 yard scramble along the way (would be his longest of the year). Cribbs didn’t quite hang on going to the ground but no review here. Then, a 92 yard K.O. return to the 15 (longest in PB history if you’re scoring at home).


With Duane Brown in at LT, Schaub throws incomplete to D Thomas (catchable) and Jamaal Charles (catchable but high). Then he gets sacked on third down as RT Joe Thomas fails to stop Julius Peppers.


Ed Hochuli makes the crowd crack up saying “there actually are penalties in the pro bowl” on  P.I. on Champ Bailey in the end zone. Lynch scores after that. 24-14 NFC


Schaub in the game with Myers, Owen, Andre, Wade. Joe Thomas at LT.  Matt hit Andre for 16 yards on 3rd and 15. Then hit D Thomas for 12 yards and a first down at the 50.  Matt’s got a running game to work with as Jamaal Charles is starting to get some chunks. Then…Schaub gets picked looking for Thomas deep…ball deflected into the hands of William Moore.  NFC ball. They lead 17-14 2nd Q


Peyton Manning is 6-12 and a TD but really not moving the team (let’s not get too critical here). Overthrew OD on a 3rd down try (but hey, timing is everything).

Meanwhile, brother Eli throws a ‘pick-6′ to Longhorn Derrick Johnson. I was just about to write that Eli is good for this game with his improv-ability. Oh well. 14-10, AFC


Bad sign for this game…they’re doing the wave already at Aloha Stadium.   1st Q 7-7


So far, Manning has thrown a pass to JJ Watt (incomplete) and taken a snap from his old center, now in the NFC, Jeff Saturday.  Arian getting no blocking, has yet to get a yard.


Andre’s first catch good for 9 yards. Arian 2 carries for 0 yards. You can tell the defensive players are doing a lot of thinking before they hit someone.


Drew Brees hits Vincent Jackson on a deep pass for a TD as Jackson beat Champ Bailey. Had to double check to see which number 24 it was.  7-7


After the NFC turned it over on the first play from scrimmage, Manning threw short to Reggie Wayne. Then there were incompletions to Andre Johnson and JJ Watt. Very strange seeing Watt in there as a receiver but we expected this. He played tight end at Central Michigan, remember. Also strange to see Duane Brown at right tackle. 7-0 AFC.

Another strange sight is two number 24s on defense with Johnathan Joseph and Champ Bailey.

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One Response to “VanderBlog: Texans at the Pro Bowl”

  1. By ed on Jan 27, 2013 | Reply

    Shaub is such an embarrassment. The Pro Bowl is designed to make QBs look good. Shaub has proven himself as an adequate backup…but not a starter. He has ridden the coattails of a bunch of talent. Too bad none of it is his own.

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