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The Texans fall to the Colts 28-16.

Posted by Instagram (HoustonTexans) on December 30, 2012 – 3:02 pm

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7 Responses to “The Texans fall to the Colts 28-16.”

  1. By cheryl on Dec 30, 2012 | Reply

    sorry texans they couldnt beat a bunch of old people

  2. By Michael Wells on Dec 30, 2012 | Reply

    Gary Kubiak needs to be let go. Today’s lost was not a fluke, this coach has not seen how bad this team is since Greenbay.
    Gary Kubiak needs to be let go. This coach has not seen how bad the special team has played and corrected their mistakes.
    Gary Kubiak needs to be let go. This coach has done nothing to fix the weak offensive line.
    Gary Kubiak needs to be let go. Today’s lost showed how a good team was very unprepared and looked lifeless.
    Gary Kubiak needs to be let go. Last week lost and this weeks demonstrates that this team is not ready for a playoff run.
    Gary Kubiak needs to be let go. This team can not beat a good team nor a great team.
    Gary Kubiak is wasting time being the head coach of this team.
    Gary Kubiak needs to be fired, period.

  3. By texzns fan on Dec 30, 2012 | Reply

    What is wrong with Matt Schaub??? Where is the leadership? He could not even carry the team like a great quarterback should!!! This is such a disappointment to
    all Houston fans!!!!!

  4. By Beth Mickolas on Dec 31, 2012 | Reply

    Where’s the win boys?! Ya’ll just gave up!!! What is the deal? We’re tired of it!!! Are you going to give up during the play offs too?!! Don’t disappoint us your true red, white and blue fans!!!!! I’m not falling off the band wagon but ya’ll have to do better than that!!! I’ve been a fan from the start in 2002 and I’m proud of how we’ve come. But the last 3 games lost!!!!! We could have won those!!!!! Get ready for the next game but ready to WIN it!!!!!!
    I love you guys!!! Go Texans!!!!

  5. By Mark on Dec 31, 2012 | Reply

    The last 4 games have been horrible. I have been a defender of this team since 2002. I have defended Kubiak and I have defended Matt Schaub, but no more. Keep hearing the same thing, ” We have to figure out whats wrong and fix it” or ” We are all focused on what we have to do. If these statements are true then the only conclusion that can be drawn is that they are just not interested in playing in the post season. The amount of mental errors, penalties and other mistakes are staggering for a core group that has been together as long as some of these guys. Matt Schaub is playing like he’s afraid, consistently under throws and over throws. The offensive line has regressed. The secondary couldn’t cover a twin mattress with a king size spread. And the special teams, no comment. This team is suppose to have eight pro bowlers on it, where are they. They should do the city a favor and just concede the game to Cincinati and save the City of Houston any further National embarrasment. When announcers are using words like ineptitude, mental lapse, un-focused, its time to make some changes. This team will never reach an AFC Championship Game with Matt Schaub as quarterback let alone a Superbowl. The fans in this city have been Loyal and Supportive for ten years and all they have gotten in return for that is their hearts ripped out time and time again. Man up. Your all obviously over rated and over paid. Look at Seattle. Half the teams in the playoffs have a rookie or second year quarterback at the helm. Our quarterback can’t read defenses, the recievers can’t get seperation when we are in obvious passing situations. The other team just goes man to man and sends the house. It is obvious how important Cushing is. The linebackers we have in there now are slow and can’t cover. Take away the call in Detroit and the fact that Cutler got knocked out in the Chicago game and we didn’t even win this division. Indy did, with a rookie QB. Please, for the sake of the Loyal fans of this City that have been put thru Decades of Heartbreak. Show up and play football. We really don’t care if you win or lose as long as you show us that you came to play. We have all already accepted the fact that there will be no Championship game or Superbowl this year. Just make the last game a honest one.

  6. By Russ on Jan 2, 2013 | Reply

    I though Green Bay was a hiccup. Then they got absolutely killed by New England, OK unprepared. Then the losses during the closing weeks of the season. Time to worry. You see the difference between the Texans and those teams is they have the desire and the drive to win championships. The Texans do not.

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