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Yes, Wade Phillips really uses Twitter; the son of Bum explains

Posted by Nick Scurfield on March 29, 2012 – 3:57 pm

Texans defensive coordinator Wade Phillips is on Twitter.

His account, @sonofbum, is not yet verified (the Texans are working on that). And before today, Phillips’ avatar was a picture of him as head coach of the Dallas Cowboys, and his bio location read “Dallas, Texas.” But, most assuredly, it is him.

“I was with the Cowboys and really, when it first came out, I thought, ‘Social media’s really advancing,’” Phillips said on Thursday at Reliant Stadium. “I thought I’d get on.”

Phillips’ Twitter handle is an obvious reference to his father, former Houston Oilers head coach Bum Phillips (“It’s something I’m proud of, so I thought it was kinda neat,” he explained.).

Asked how often he uses Twitter, Phillips quipped, “Sporadically.”

“I think I did it some in Dallas,” he said. “Here, I’m starting to do it a little bit more now that I’m settled. It’s just to kind of let ‘em (people) know what’s going on, maybe what’s going on in the NFL or the Texans; kind of a little insight into what a coach does or what he’s doing.”

Phillips recently has been inundated with tweets from fans asking if it’s really him. He responded to several of those on Wednesday (yesyes really, YES), and chuckled on Thursday when asked about it in his office. Phillips, 64, also seemed taken aback by the huge outpouring of fan support he has received, calling it “the neat thing” about Twitter.

The best thing about Phillips and Twitter: More than 10,000 people follow him, but he doesn’t follow anybody.

“Yeah,” Phillips said with a laugh. “I didn’t know anything about Twitter in the first place when I went in it. I don’t know who I’d follow, I guess. I guess sports people like me. So I just hadn’t delved into that part of it yet.”

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One Response to “Yes, Wade Phillips really uses Twitter; the son of Bum explains”

  1. By C C Beytebiere on Mar 30, 2012 | Reply

    Coach Phillips, after free agency what is the most important position to fill? Have you considered seriously one of the large nose tackles for the middle of your defensive line? Is safety a real serious need? Has there been any thought to trading up to capture a player that could create a difference on either defense or offense? Thank you for your time!!!!

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