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Johnson eliminated from Madden cover competition

Posted by Nick Scurfield on April 4, 2011 – 11:57 am

Those who were worried about Andre Johnson being on the cover of “Madden ’12″ can put their fears to rest. The Texans’ All-Pro wide receiver has been eliminated from ESPN.com’s cover athlete voting competition for the best-selling video game in the second round.

Johnson, a six-seed in the 32-man competition, lost to third-seeded Michael Vick of the Eagles. The vote was 62 percent for Vick to 38 percent for Johnson. Johnson beat Titans running back Chris Johnson, an 11-seed, by a comfortable margin in the first round.

It would’ve been a nice honor if Johnson had won the competition, giving the unassuming receiver recognition that he very much deserves. But fans of Johnson/the Texans who are believers in the “Madden Curse” likely just breathed a huge sigh of relief.

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3 Responses to “Johnson eliminated from Madden cover competition”

  1. By baylinorcrush on Apr 5, 2011 | Reply

    Even so this letter is addressed to Mr. Bowlen, owner of the Denver Broncos, it was truly meant for all the owners in the NFL.

    Dear Mr Bowlen,

    This letter is meant to put me on record saying that as an avid Bronco fan of over 35 years, I find this current labor situation pathetic and a total disservice to the fans who are truly the ones getting the shaft in this players/owners squabble.

    While not your fault directly it is an absolute necessity for the fans to send a message to you, the league and the players that this type of failure to communicate within yourselves, whether the fault of one side or the other, is an absolute joke considering the wealth and success of this business.

    Combine that with the fact that this sillyness is happening during such catastrophic events all around the world such as the Japanese utterly destructive tsunami and resulting ongoing nuclear radiation releases in the air and the Pacific Ocean, the multiple wars that our U.S. forces are involved in dealing with this time bomb called the Middle East, topped off by a U.S. economy in such disarray that it has been affecting the majority of the fans who live paycheck to paycheck and who’s main concerns are over things like what will the cost of their next tank of gas be, makes all of this NFL impasse seem completely idiotic.

    This is simply outrageous to say the least and I am willing to back up anyone who is willing to hit the league where it counts, in the pocket book. Nothing personal I assure you, but boycotting your product is all that’s left for the fans since you owners and players are incapable of realizing the abnormity of your actions, or lack thereof, on your own. At some point you all need a serious dose of reality and certainly a successful boycott of the league at large would achieve that.

    No more NFL products of any kind for this big boy who has loads of stuff already anyway and no more getting into NFL stadiums, all that for at least one year, that’s the least I can do. And whatever other fans can do to minimize their supporting of the NFL this year will all make for a loud and clear message.

    Everyone should pass on the NFL package this year, perfect time to send DIRECTV and the league a message that their cost is outrageous.

    With all due respect I wish you good health and an eventual return to respectability for your franchise since it has taken some serious hits of late without even taking in account the no cba issue.

    P.S. I love blogging here and will keep doing that since I can speak my mind and it means no extra money for the league.

    Yours truly,


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