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Andrea recounts trip to North Korea border

Posted by drewdougherty on February 7, 2011 – 9:41 am

These past couple days have been amazing!

Our first day here most of what we did was travel, which was fine with us because we rode in style!

We spent half of our day in a Blackhawk flying from base-to-base performing for troops all over South Korea! Ariana even got to start the Blackhawk and we sat in front with the two pilots. We have already preformed our 45-minute show twice for two different bases and are heading to another base right now where we will dance our last show for the troops!

It’s beautiful here in Korea. Snow is covering the mountains everywhere! It is definitely not as cold as we anticipated, but still cold enough for a pair of gloves!

Some of us were brave enough to try some Korean food, but squid on a stick was easy to pass up! Most of the group ended up getting instant noodles, (yes real, outside-the-base, Korean food) which was basically Ramen noodle soup :)

Sunday was easily the best day so far! We started out this morning taking a tour of Camp Bonifas, which is a demilitarized (DMZ). This is the closest base that you can get to North Korea! It actually crosses over in some places. They gave us a briefing of history of North and South Korea and what we should or should not do.

Some rules to follow: do NOT make any gestures at the ROK police, which are hand selected soldiers from North Korea, don’t point, wave, and definitely do not touch! Do not cross the furthest ROK soldier which was actually standing in North Korea in the same room with us! He was a grand master of Tae-Kwan-Do, standing in a ready position to take down anyone who crossed his path. It was safe to say that keeping our hands in our pockets was our best bet! We actually got to cross into of North Korea, keeping in mind a couple more steps and we would have been forcefully taken to the ground as the US troops told us! You are only allowed so far!

Our tour of Camp Bonifas was amazing, we only wish the fog would have let up a little so we could have had the chance to see the bridge of no return and a couple more important points of interest. As our tour ended we had lunch with the troops, took pictures, and listened to their personal stories!

We also performed our last 45-minute show for another base close to North Korea’s border. We went from Camp Bonifas to Camp Casey, about an hour drive and didn’t even know that we were still only 11 miles from the border of North and South Korea! On this base every troop is front line! It was such a good feeling to be with the people who are literally in danger every single day! Our last show went out with a bang and the soldiers loved it! Today was such a good reminder of how blessed we really are to have these men and women fighting for us EVERY SINGLE DAY!

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