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McNair chimes in on Texans’ struggles

Posted by Nick Scurfield on November 24, 2010 – 2:14 pm

Texans chairman and CEO Bob McNair spoke to the media after practice on Wednesday to share some thoughts on the team.

Here are his full comments:

(opening remarks) “First of all, I want to clarify what I had to say after the game Sunday. I was speaking about the game and the great comeback that we had, and I was very proud of that comeback. But at the same time, you can’t win games playing 59 minutes, and that was the big disappointment. We just have to learn to play 60 minutes and get these things closed out. I was not making any reference to a critique of the coaches or the players by saying they were great, so let me clarify that. None of us are happy with the performance of our team. We are underperforming. Our coaches know that; they say that. Our players know that; they say that. We’ve got to turn this thing around. The way we’ll do that is by playing 60 minutes, and so that’s the emphasis. I have faith in the team. We’ve got a tough team we play this weekend. I think we’re going to go out and win this game, and if we do that, then probably we’ll be in second place in the division, one game out. So my message to the fans is this team has not quit. They’re still fighting and they’ll continue fighting, and I think that you’re going to see some very pleasant things happen in the future.”

(on his thoughts and feelings regarding head coach Gary Kubiak) “Well, we talk about what’s going on and the game and the performance and the various things that I’m talking about. It’s obvious to all of us that for us to come back the way we did after being down and being in their stadium with 80,000 fans up there cheering against us, it was just a tremendous comeback. If we would’ve closed that game out, there’s no doubt in my mind it would’ve been the biggest victory we’ve had, period; bar none. And we didn’t do it. We let it slip away. We just can’t let that happen, and the team has got to realize during that crunch time, you’ve got to turn it up. The other team is going to turn it up. If we don’t turn it up, we’re going to be on the short end of the stick. We’re ready to go forward, though, and be ready to play this game this weekend.”

(on if he is still sticking with Kubiak) “I’m concerned about winning this game against Tennessee. I always do what I think is in the best interest of this team, and that’s what motivates me. And it’s in our best interest right now to get ready and play Tennessee and go out there and win this game, and that’s what I expect us to do.”

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15 Responses to “McNair chimes in on Texans’ struggles”

  1. By Ryan on Nov 24, 2010 | Reply

    Mr. McNair,

    Please do your fanbase a favor and fire Gary Kubiak.

    Please go out and get Jeff Fisher so we can finally win. If, for some reason coach Fisher works things out in Nashville, PLEASE try to bring in Jon Gruden !

    This franchise is getting near the 10 year mark and we have yet to make the playoffs, Even the piss poor Buccaneers from 1976 that went 0-26 made the playoffs within 3 years of their expansion.

    If you want a marquee team and you want to win, You have GOT to bring in a quality football man to run this team or you’re doomed for failure with guys like Capers and Kubiak.

    Get it done Mr. McNair, Your fanbase is counting on you.

  2. By Tim on Nov 24, 2010 | Reply

    Fans are not stupid. Me personally ever since the MNF vs Colts the Texans has two weeks to be prepared. What did they do? CHOKED on national tv. From that point on I said to myself and family watch the Texans lose 5 in rows! Titans will prove me right even with 3rd string QB. Mr. NcNair do the right thing FIRE KUBIAK. Will not buy tickets until new coach or playoffs.

  3. By bob on Nov 24, 2010 | Reply

    c’mon guys, the Kube is doing a fine job, now that he’s calling offense. it’s this stupid cushioning defense. The team doesn’t play the ball, they wait for a catch, then try to stop. PLAY THE BALL! BE AGGRESIVE! BLITZ EVERY DOWN! and definately dump Frank Bush and Rick Smith! the first couldn’t coach a defense for jack squat, and Smith can’t hire a player to keep up with the opposing offense!

  4. By pablo on Nov 24, 2010 | Reply

    listen to all the people who wnat us to fire Gary kubiak he brought us from 2-14 to a 9-7 and he could take us to the afc championship just give one more year to prove himself its the defensive coordinator to br fired because frank bush cant get the young corners to play great and look at the chiefs patroits and the bucaneers young people on the corners and everywhere itS FRANK BUSH THAT NEEDS TO BE FIRED I REST MY CASE gary kubiak best coach we could ask for

  5. By paul on Nov 24, 2010 | Reply

    Get a new defense and fire the defense coaches, thats what we need because without a solid defense you can’t win in the nfl..The cornerbacks are giving up to much passing yards. we got the worst defense in the league.

  6. By Randy on Nov 24, 2010 | Reply

    Mr McNair I trust in you and the team.And these people talking about fire Kubiak fire bush well you know what McNair you do as you damn please.Yes we have lost games we should have won but we have also made some great comebacks and just because we couldnt finish out the deal doesnt mean the texans suck.It just means they need to work harder.I am sick and tired of hearing these people dog the texans.Acually if yall dont like it why dont yall go run and on the field like that idiot did on sundays game and try to do better WHICH YALL CANT. TEXANS FAN FOREVER

  7. By Randy on Nov 24, 2010 | Reply

    Let Bud Adams choose VY and bring Fisher back to Houston.

  8. By Cody on Nov 24, 2010 | Reply

    It’s everybody. None of our defensive starters have been benched, and Kubiak continues to praise everyone on the defense for …trying…
    He’s too soft it’s a business, do what needs to be done, or you should be done.

    The main issue is Frank The Failure Bush, and if he was fired it would make so many fans’ days.. His knowledge of football is about as good as Shaun Cody’s pass rush or Eugene Wilson’s ablity to tackle.

  9. By houstonFoolsball on Nov 24, 2010 | Reply

    More than 90% of H town fans have lost respect for kubiAPE, frank bush,dennison,rick smith…go to the Chronicle Sports NFL Texans blog and read the fans base reactions daily! The fans have SPOKEN, so Mr. McNair should CLEAN THE HOUSE ASAP, before the fans will BOYCOTT the Texans,…all of my friends and I are on broad !

  10. By Jim on Nov 24, 2010 | Reply

    I’m frustrated. I love football, I love we have a team to root for, but it sure hurts. I walk away from watching and they trick me back….. only to bring the pain to a new dimension only edged out by the most awful moments of my life. I mean, its excrutiating. Will the Buffalo game never really end?

    Look, most of us get it. Add Ryans back and we have at least one of those stupid games back, if not 2. Turn Barwin loose and maybe one of those hail mary’s doesn’t get launched. Run Ben Tate at them when they get tired of tackling Foster, that would be fun to see. And Dunta, 23 million was not enough, so you left good fans hanging?? I bet if you had stayed, you would have made more money from endorsements over the rest of your life than even you could have imagined. You screwed up.

    We were super thin 5 years ago, and now we are right in the games with a bunch of guys that are 2 on the depth chart. An undrafted running back is an elite player in the league. I wish we were watching the players that the coaches planned to have on the field. And I wish I was paid what any of the Texans are paid. So we all have to win whether we get our wishes or not. It is what it is, and everyone else, including other NFL teams seem to do a better job of making do with what they have.

    But please, either win or quit teasing us – and defense – go ahead and crush someone – the offense has. Really. Or even very good fans are going to stop watching this nonsense. I am tired of looking forward to the draft to plug the hole d’ jour with somebody formerly a tight end.

    We are out of patience and want to see an angry team with something to prove take the field. Every week. Every play.

    I’ll tune in with 2 minutes to go against the Titans. If we are up by seven scores, I’ll watch the end of the game.

  11. By Jay on Nov 24, 2010 | Reply

    C’Mon Team I always been rooting for the Texans Since they Started! Honestly I don’t know what the problem really is, but what I see is that the spark that was at the beginning of the season just fade away. I believe this is a play off team, but either the coaches or players themselves need to believe in each other and go out man have some fun and make Houston, Texas and all there fans proud. Just go out and play the best football you know and don’t be afraid to take a chance or two. TEXAN FAN 4 LIFE!!!!! win or lose!!!

  12. By Bill Downs on Nov 24, 2010 | Reply

    But Bob, we didn’t play 59 min. We only played 39 min. I think 24 to 7 in the first half. I am also proud of our second half heroics, but nothing in the first half. We’d be hell on wheels if we played both halves. I’m guessing the reasoning, is to wear them down in the first half, then kick their a** in the second. Anyway the last loss belongs to defense as does a few others we lost.

  13. By Jeremy on Nov 25, 2010 | Reply

    Mr. McNair,

    If you truely believe in this team, this town, and the fans, then you should really listen to what we have to say and take some action. Before I strat in what I have to say, let me just say that you are truly a great owner and the Texans could not be any luckier to have you as their owner. Now back to what I want to say. You really need to listen to the fans because without fans = no football team. I am a true Texans Fan but this team can never seal the deal. Kubiak needs to go. He had a great run with the TEXANS but it is time to move on. We are getting no where with him as our coach and he has made some STUPID calls where he should not have. It is time to make playoffs and time for a new coach. Next is to get rid of FRANK BUSH. I mean a blind guy can make better play calls than him. He really needs to go Mr. McNair because we are DEAD LAST IN PASSING and he continues to have us PLAY ZONE.

    I know you probably don’t want to be known as a HARD ASS owner but sometimes you just have to be that dick to get the job done. So it is time to step up the game Mr. McNair otherwise we Texans Fans will start to fall behind and just jump on the ban-wagon whenever we start doing good. We need to get this team straightened out and start having a true TEXAS TEAM.


  14. By Conrad on Nov 25, 2010 | Reply

    I have never written on one of these before so bare with me. I am as die hard as any of yall, but I don’t get the fact that yall want to clean house.

    Offensively, we are better than we have ever been. I did not get to see last year, I was deployed to the middle east but I did look at game stats. Last year we could not run the ball out of wet paper sack. Now if you stop one we always got the other.

    Defensively, that is another story, we are bad. It looks like they are just looking for the combo that works. A few key loses like Barwin and Ryans we have not been able to plug in people and just go. In the secondary, well I don’t know. My guess is they are young BUT watching them this year I don’t know if they have the talent or if they do need some new coaching because we have not changed them around much this year so they should be getting better but I am not seeing it. Pollard is the only one I can not wait to watch every week.

    I can not say much for the defensive staff, but it would be way to hasty to call for them to be fired now. At the end of the season McNair and Smith will have to make up there mind. I will continue to go to games when ever I am in town and I have made some away games. IN MCNAIR WE TRUST.
    Happy Thanksgiving everyone.

  15. By Bill Downs on Nov 26, 2010 | Reply

    Really don’t believe Kube’s the problem………. the’ve got a great second half team. Just need more up front. We need a good offensive coordinator. The problem with Kubiak is (IMO) hiring too many friends as coaching staff. If we want to be the best we need to hire the best.
    A loyal Houston football fan fo 35 years now, it’s starting to get shaky. Even the Horns are shaky but I know they’ll come back. Can’t say that about the Texans

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